Arsius - AOC Bordeaux Rosé wineOrigin Arsius Bordeaux Rosé

Arsius Bordeaux Rosé is a perfect expression of Entre-Deux-Mers terroir. The vineyard is located at the junction of the Garonne and the Dordogne and is one of the most extended wine-growing territory in Bordeaux appellation. Plots are selected for their specific qualities.

Grape varieties

Blend : Cabemet Sauvignon, Cabemet Franc and Merlot


Traditional vinification at low temperature in thermoregulated vat optimizes tannins extraction and fruit flavors. Pellicular maceration allows to extract color and fruit flavors.

Tasting notes

The robe of Arsius Bordeaux Rosé is rich pink colored.. Bouquet is smart and intense. Cherry, rabsberries notes delight the palate.

Pairing wine and food

Starters, cold meats, deli meats match perfectly with our Arsius Bordeaux Rosé. Temperature to be served : 8-10°C (46-50F).


Arsius 2014
Gold medal
Concours de Lyon 2015

Arsius 2012
Silver medal
Concours de Paris 2013

Arsius 2014
Silver medal
Concours des vins de Bordeaux 2015



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