Château de L'enclos Bordeaux SuperieurOrigin of Château de l’Enclos

Château de l’Enclos belongs to Farges family who is currently operating 227 acres in Mauriac for eight generations, thanks to many extensions. They feel concerned about environmental issues and they decided to operate in line with sustainable agriculture standards since 2004. They are certified ‘Terra Vitis’.


Grape varieties

Blend: Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc.



Grapes from Chateau de L’Enclos are picked at full maturity before being vinified in our cellars.

Maceration for 3 weeks followed by one maturing year to refine its tannins.


Tasting notes

This wine is dark with an intense red coloured and purple border. Its red fruit, smoothly spicy and toasted aromas are elegant and expressive. Liveliness balances out a mellow tannic structure for a great tasting moment. Chateau de L’Enclos is definitely a round and fruity wine that gives the feeling of rolling on your tongue.


Pairing wine and food

Recommended temperature : 17°C;  Aerate 4 hours to “open“ the wine and let its flavor to emerge.

Le Château de l’Enclos will express itself with red meet, game or cheese.




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