Château du Girons

Château du Girons – AOC Bordeaux


The Château du Girons is a family domain since 1930. Due to the history of the property, the vineyards are divided into two separate blocks of 15 km. In Mauriac side, we find day-limestone soils and on Villepreux side we find sand mixed with silt and some day. The exposure of the plots, the typical soil and the assembly of these soils contributes to sign singular and qualitative wines.

Grape varities

A blend of grape varieties of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon.


Traditional vinification followed by maceration during 3 weeks.

Traditional vinification in thermo regulated stainless steel vats. Aged in oak barrels for 12 months.

Organoleptic description

Dressed of steady crimson red, this wine releases slightly spicy forest berries aromas, then offer a straightfoward attack. The round and fat flesh like silky tannins show the good grape maturity.

Pairing wine and food

Recommended serving temperature: 17 ° C (62,6°F), Aerate during 4 hours in carafe for optimal expression. The Château du Girons will fully express itself accompanied by red and white meat.

 Rewards Château du Girons

MEDAILLE BRONZEChâteau du Girons 2012, bronze medal in the Concour des vins of Bordeaux 2013


Information Chateau du Girons- AOC Bordeaux

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