Origin of Louis Vallon Crémant de Bordeaux Semi dry Rose

This effervescent wine is elaborated according to very strict rules, using the Merlot and Cabernet Franc grape variety.

Grape harvest is manually-operated and grapes are carried out to the pneumatic press using small openwork grape box. Each stage is aimed at limiting the grape oxidation in order to the flavors remain pure.


Grape varieties

Blend: Merlot and Cabernet Franc



Different development stages follow the Traditional method : pressing, first fermentation, the second fermentation in the bottle, maturing, riddling, disgorging and titration.

During 9 months at least, bottles are stored horizontally on the lees. The maturing can last 24 months depending on the desired product. During all the ageing period, the wine acquires organoleptic characteristics, by the disappearance and the uprising of aromas.


Tasting notes

This wine is subtly sparkling and shows an elegant pink robe.

Aromas are fruity, palate is round and deliciously scented.


Pairing food and wine

This wine will charm the palates as an aperitif as for dessert.



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