Origin of Légende de Louis Vallon

This effervescent wine is elaborated accordint to very strict rules, using the Semillon and Cabernet Franc grape variety. According to the
legend, a young english soldier was looked after by a french priest during the Hundred Years War. This priest made him discover a sparkling wine made by himself. He described his vineyard saying that by the moonlight, the ‘Vallon Luit’ (the valley gleams). The soldier came back to England talking about this ‘Luit Vallon’ which became ‘Louis Vallon’.

Grape varieties

Blend : Sémillon and Cabernet Franc


Early harvest allow to preserve the acidity balance. Different development stages follow the Traditional method : pressing, first fermentation, second fermentation in the bottle, maturing, riddling, disgorging and titration. ‘Legende de Louis Vallon’ is stemming from a selection of the best batches by our oenologists. This exceptional wine becomes our Cremant after being raised 36 months on laths. Thoses 36 months allow ‘Legende de Louis Vallon’ to develop aromatic amino acids and become an outstanding Crémant.

Tasting notes

This wine is gently sparkling and its gold robe is lightened by shades of green. The nose is subtle and brings up white flower notes. The palate is supple, round with an almond flavored finish.

Pairing food and wines

This wine will charm the palates as an aperitif as for dessert. Its uniqueness makes it a perfect wine for tasting.




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