Our Quality & Environmental approach

Environment safeguard & quality of our wines

As a brand, UG Bordeaux is implemented everything to assert further its commitment to an eco-responsible approach, more respectful about environment and consumers.


“Wine in a bottle is an history of passion” says Philippe Cazaux, UG Bordeaux CEO. “Day after day, this deep conviction inspires us to always improve in the best way our wines and our vineyards. Environment protection as well as the quality of our products are two logical areas where our company gives a large priority.”

UG Bordeaux anticipates its clients’s new requirements regarding the quality and traceability of our products. We have been considering all the constraints related to environment protection for years, our involvment in the vineyard and the winery is total.

UG Bordeaux and its cooperative wineries reassert each year their commitment to Quality and Corporae Social Responsability. We do analyze what have been done and we make out improvement policy in order to always go further and better.

2018 Guidelines

UG Bordeaux wishes to go further in its Social and Environmental Responsiblity :

Involving more vineyard technicians in sustainable management of the cultivation practices and product profiles

Keeping up our efforts by controlling our energy consumption

Developping security and skills of our employees

Agri Confiance® membership

Fighting for a sustainable viticulture

Being a responsible economic player is our ambition. UG Bordeaux joined Agri Confiance® approach in 2005 and have been certified NFV 01 007 since 2014. This certification is central to the vineyard supervision and to our environmental friendly practices. Regular follow-up audits are leaded by independant firms. UG Bordeaux gathers 300 adherents, half of them are Agi Confiance® accredited.

Good for me :


  • Tasting a wine with an optimal aromatic and gustatory qualities
  • Knowing the origin of the products from the vine planting to the wine bottling
  • Receiving a full wines traceability

Each action on the product is identified and documented to cover the production chain

Good for the environment : 


  • Maintaining our ecosystem: soil and wine
  • Respecting good agricultural practices
  • Preserving natural resources (water, energy)
  • Optimizing waste management

Good for the winegrower:


  • Enhancing the winegrower’s vineyard
  • Protecting winegrower’s health
  • Supporting winegrowers in their vineyards technical management
Logo Agriconfiance Préservation de l'environnement

To embody our approach, we set up a specific support for our cooperator winegrowers in various fields.


Environmental area

Démarche dans les chais
  • Recording all the cultivation to ensure a uniform traceability
  • Helping individually and collectively our winegrowers to manage their standard compliance
  • Carrying out each year an environmental overview in all our winegrowers wine estates.
  • Following up our cooperators thanks to Quality Department

Technical management area

Démarche dans les chais
  • Plot management and vineyard mapping
  • Technical follow up thanks to Decision Making Tools and weather station, to manage right technical requirements
  • Full management of our production goals thanks to  internal requirements specifications
  • Plot assessment before the harvest in order to classify and guide the production to reach the product objectives.
  • Complete mastering of plot direction during the harvest abiding by our production goals, thanks to upstream checks of ripeness.
  • Annual technic overview realized by our vineyard managers in all our winegrower estates


Sustainable management of production area

Démarche dans les chais

Since November 2014, Sauveterre- Blasimon- Espiet cooperative institute a technical economical study with a group of 20 wine growers. A specialized company, in partnership with the cellar vineyards manager to build up a tools evaluation, of the technicals means and production method.

All topics we focus on are based on everyday basis situations :

  • Crop protection products tailings management thanks to regular analysis on our grapes, grape must and finished wines.
  • Using drones throughout hundreds of yards in order to plan fertilization in a sustainable way.
  • Realizing technical trials in the vineyard :
    • Using organic material instead of conventional fertilizers
    • Using less phytosanitary products, mainly fighting against Botrytis.

 ISO 9001 and ISO 14000 Certifications

Since 2004, the Sauveterre-Blasimon-Espiet Cellar has ISO 9001 accreditation. It represents a voluntary commitment which focuses on quality throughout all our organization : management, production or sales. This involvement allows a steady improvment of the performance for each department and a better traceability of our wines.

Our cellar Louis Vallon located in Saint-Pey de Castets has started to prepare its ISO 14000 accreditation, according to on the Environmental Management System of CIVB (Bordeaux Wines International Center). Environment preservation is at the very heart of this accreditation.

Time saving, quality upgrading, traceability : it is a big win for everybody from the winemaker to the consummer.

Logo ISO 9001

HACCP procedure

HACCP allows to analyse risks. It is a tool useful for food security.

Every critical juncture of cellar facilities are duely scanned and procedures are set up to master them.


Sauveterre Cellar get involved in a working group to improve its skills regarding energy management.

In another words, this approach aims at identifying our energy usage such as gaz, electrcity and water. After a deep analysis,we have explored severals means to reduce our consumption and limit the impact on the environment.

Watch our assessment video and discover Cap Energ’iaa approach.

Consommation d'énergie
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