Managing the vines optimally on each plot

At the heart of its vast wine-growing territory

Haute Qualité & Développement Durable | UG BordeauxAt the heart of its vast wine-growing territory, UG BORDEAUX exploits the full potential of major grape varieties. For its white wines, Sauvignon grapes take pride of place over Sémillon and Muscadelle due to its vivacity and rich aroma. Merlot is the dominant grape variety for reds, blended with Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc to create perfect balance in wines that are supple, elegant and extremely fragrant.

Commitment to quality in the vineyards has inspired UG BORDEAUX to compile a map of its different plots that features information on the grape variety, soil and the age of the vines. This map constitutes the cornerstone of traceability. The vines can thus be managed optimally, thanks to advice and follow-up offered to each member of the cooperative on issues of treatment, fertilisation, and the different tasks to be carried out throughout the year. 99% of the total wine-growing area adheres to this quality policy, certified by Agriconfiance®.

Harvesting at optimum maturity

When the grapes are nearing full maturity, UG BORDEAUX’s technicians start a daily sampling campaign in the vineyards. They measure the different parameters per plot and per grape variety that will determine the optimum instant for harvesting: sugar content, concentration of flavour precursors, maturity of the skin and seeds for colour and tannins, etc. On the basis of these readings and inspections, UG BORDEAUX draws up a harvesting plan, plot by plot, day by day, in order to optimise the quality of the grapes according to variety.

In each of its wine-making facilities, taking delivery of the harvested grapes is a fully computerised process.

From the grape hoppers to the fermentation vats, UG BORDEAUX’s wineries can manage the different wine profiles, reserving separate circuits for each of them and ensuring total traceability.



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