Outstanding facilities for making and aging wine

Outils de production Ugbordeaux

Outstanding facilities for making and aging wine

UG BORDEAUX has outstanding technical resources at its disposal, within its wine-making facilities, for extracting the very best from the grapes, for implementing specific wine-making protocols according to potential and designated wine profiles, and for implementing qualitative practices such as hot and cold maceration, maturing white wines on fine lees, etc.

Un outil Exceptionnel de Vinification et d’élevageVat capacity is currently among the biggest in the Bordeaux region: 450,000 hectolitres including 284,000 hectolitres in stainless steel vats. The wine-making process takes place in heat-controlled vats, which means that fermentation temperatures can be controlled perfectly.

UG BORDEAUX’s other strong point resides in its aging cellars. Its air-conditioned facilities host 1,800 oak barrels that are regularly renewed to add perfectly balanced flavour and tannins.

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