Passionately Bordeaux !

4,600 hectares rooted in the heart of the most
prestigious wine-growing region in the world.

Key figures

UG Bordeaux


Founded in: 2007
Gathering Cellars: Sauveterre-Blasimon, Saint-Pey Génissac, Espiet
Members: 300 winegrowers
Employees: 61
Turnover: €45 millions
Export: 30%




Red wine: 3791 ha
White wine: 809 ha
Red Grapes : Merlot 61%, Cabernet Sauvignon 25%, Cabernet Franc 12%, Others 2%
White Grapes : Sauvignon 54 %, Sémillon 36%, Muscadelle 8%, Others 2 %


Red Bordeaux & Bordeaux Supérieur: 170 620 hl
Rosé & Clairet Bordeaux: 21 276 hl
White Bordeaux & Entre-Deux-Mers: 38 615 hl
Crémant de Bordeaux: 24 640 hl

Red | Emotions

Excelium Bordeaux Red WineTradition in a bottle

In reference to the iconic character of Bordeaux’s grapes varieties and vineyards, UG BORDEAUX uses classical wine-making methods followed by aging in vats or barrels depending on the grapes’ potential  in order to highlight the fruit and the aromatic complexity.

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Red | Creations

chateau-cardan-aoc-bordeauxExpressive wines

The desire to innovate also occasionally leads UG BORDEAUX along more technological paths, such as hot pre-fermentation – or «flash extraction» to create wines with an even fruitier nose and greater richness on the palate. Read more…

Sparkling wines

Crémants de Bordeaux

As the leading producer of Crémant de Bordeaux, UG BORDEAUX shine in the elaboration boasts of this sparkling wine both in white and rosé. Enhanced by its very subtle aromas and wonderfully delicate bubbles, this sparkling wine is made according to very strict rules of the traditionnal method.

Sémillon and Cabernet Franc grapes are used for the white; Cabernet Sauvignon and Merlot are used for the rosé. The grapes are harvested by hand and carried straight away to the wine-press through trays. This wine has very light and delicate bubbles.


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Clairets and Rosés

louis-vallon-bordeaux-roseArsius Rosé BordeauxSunny and friendly wines

Rosé and clairet wines are «siphoned» off vats of black grapes. The fermentation period will procure all the difference, modifying both colour and amount of tannins extracted.

Reported as fruity, fresh on the palate, and perfect for spicy cuisine. Those wines will be the perfect wines to share during summer with your friends.

White | Sensations

Arsius Blanc Bordeauxchateau-de-lenclos-bordeaux-blancFresh, fruity winesAudelle Sauvignonlouis-vallon-nul

Our white wines range come from plots carefully selected by the cooperative’s oenologists. These wines contain the grape varieties for which Bordeaux is most famous in the world, with a high proportion of the Sauvignon grape, bringing up all its aromatic potential, sublimed  by the Sémillon and Muscadelle varieties.
Pale yellow in colour with green highlights, these wines offer a very pleasant noise combining with fruity and floral fragrances. Very fresh and balanced on the palate.

Vinification :
Macerated with the grape skins for approximately 18 hours to extract the precursors aroma from the skins, followed by low-temperature alcohol fermentation (17°C), then aging on fine lees.

Delicious with:
Delightful as an aperitif, they also obviously go well with oysters, shellfish and fish.


arsius-moelleux-bordeauxThis wine shows a very bright gold colour.
With a great bouquet of toasted notes and candied fruits, honey and dried apricots on the palates which will deliver incredible aromatic sensations.

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